Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Call me what you will...

I try my hardest to be unbiased and treat everyone equally. In my line of work I run into all demographics. Rich, Poor, Black, White, Hispanic, Indian, Redneck, Italian, etc. I have grown over this past year and a half and in some aspects for the better and in some for the worse. In general, I do not like to call myself racist. I do, however, stereotype for event planning purposes. I used to think it was very shallow, but as time goes on I realize it is a necessity in prepping for a bar. I have also determined that alcohol is the root of all evil, but I digress.

I wouldn't call myself a racist because it isn't the race I have a problem with. In fact, the race plays no part in it. It is the sheer lack of common courtesy and English-speaking abilities! Seriously, do not come to me to book an event if you don't expect to play by my rules. Not just my rules, but Kentucky's laws, and laws of the United States of America! Just because you are from a different country does NOT mean the laws don't apply to you. So, you CANNOT serve alcohol to your 15-year-old daughter just because you can in Mexico and HELLO I'm a woman and I determine whether you can have your event at my facility or not! Treat me as you would any other business professional with a dick! Seriously... Oh, and you cannot, under any circumstances, ever bring in your own alcohol at my facility. I will take it from you and slap you with a fine. I have the Liquor License bitch!

There are other things that annoy the piss out of me as well. One of the things that tops my list is not calling or making an appointment before showing up. Another is just showing up three hours early for a wedding reception thinking you can get in, then blaming me for being there 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled arriving time! Communicate people! I have voicemail AND email. Use them. I also have a life outside of work and it doesn't consist of worrying whether or not your caterer feels they'll have time to set up the buffet. If South-Van can do it in an hour and a half, then you can too. And don't tell me you need three buffet tables, because you don't. You need two and two is what you'll get. And do NOT steal my extention cords!

I know most don't give a damn about my event planning rants, but those of you who are in the business, feel free to comment with your biggest pet peeve. I may have forgotten something.

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