Friday, March 27, 2009

Artistic Snob

I finally got my proof for my wedding album today. Thank God they do proofs because I really don't like it. It's such a weird feeling to want to cry while looking at your wedding pictures, but I am sorely disappointed.

First, we're nearing our six month anniversary and we are just now getting the proofs. Second, you'd think that after all that time, they'd put more effort into the album. I get that it's not a personal thing for them, I really get it. I work weddings, book weddings, and breathe weddings every week. You have to make it as important for you as it is for them regardless of your mood. It's one reason there are a lot of people that can't or shouldn't be working in the wedding industry. I have to be able to "turn it on" meaning that if my dog died, I need to be able to come to work and look happy for the clients. There have been several times when I just wanted cry (sometimes was crying) in my office and I had a meeting in 15 minutes. I literally had to pull myself together just to smile.

Anyway, with all due respect to my photographer, the album looks more like a scrapbook. For some people that may be ok or even preferred, but to me, it's awful. I wanted artistry, elegance, and a timelessness that will last my whole life. I love my pictures. I could frame half of them but that would look a bit indulgent in my own home. I feel like such an artistic snob but I can't just roll over on this one. I'm going to have to piss off my photographer and tell them I don't like it. I hate having to do that...

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