Friday, June 12, 2009

Home Improvement

Earlier in the week, I asked Tony if he was interested in painting our bedroom on Wednesday. He agreed and I was so pumped! We painted the majority of our apartment late last year (around Thanksgiving) and I'd been wanting to do the bedroom next. It took awhile to decide on a color because we felt we needed a new comforter first. After getting the comforter, I got out the color swatches and cut up various shades of green (a color I just couldn't let go of). After debating for a while, we decided on Mountain Sage. Fast-Forward six months and we've finally gotten it finished! Woot!

I like it a lot! It does what I wanted, which is create a serene and peaceful atmosphere. We're going to use a little bit of coral (similar to the "Vogue" painting on the wall) here and there as well.
Next up, new table lamps for our nightstands! After that, I want to do something to the bathroom. We aren't going to paint in there, but I'm thinking a new curtain or something. Anyway, I love Home Improvement projects. We'll be in this apartment for at least another year so might as well make it feel like home!

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  1. What a beautiful bedroom.!! Well, I too love home improvement projects. I can't wait to do exact same things to my home.