Saturday, June 27, 2009

Work-Related Vent

I know I've had these in past posts, so I will not repeat all the "usual" complains and requests that I get. This one becomes much more common in the summer months.

Patron - "Can you please turn the air conditioning down? It's getting hot in here."
Me - "The air conditioning is already turned down. There's nothing more I can do."

Seriously people! Whether the A/C is turned down to 70 or 50 it will NOT make a difference! Well, if you turn it down to 50, there is the potential to freeze up the air conditioners making the A/C worthess. If I turn it down to 68, it will not make a difference because the air conditioning will continue to run since it is above the temperature that is set. For real people, don't you know how it works?!

Oh and another thing... If you're hot and complaining about it, please remove your dark blue or black sports coat. It is 90 degrees afterall. No wonder you're hot.

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