Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Computer Adventure

Sunday evening, I shut my laptop down for the night. Had I known it might have been the last time, I would have done something different.

Let me first say, I have never ever had any problems with my MacBook Pro. Ever. Sure, the occasional locked up program, but I didn't even have to shut down the whole computer because it didn't freeze, just the one program. I "force quit" and two seconds (yes literally) I had it back open again. It aslo only took about 30 seconds from hitting power button until I was working in a program. Fantastic computer. So anyway, I shut down the computer like normal and later decided that I wanted to get back on the computer. I hit the power button and... nothing. I'm not going into details about what it was or wasn't doing because the point of this post is not for you to diagnose the problem. Just to read about it.

After about 5 minutes, I realized something was horribly, horribly wrong. I googled about the problem and went through every Troubleshooting step until there were no more I could do myself (anyone have a size 00 Phillips head screwdriver?). BTW, I am very thankful that my iPhone is kind of like a little laptop in my palm. So, I relented and scheduled an appointment at the Genius Bar. The only one is in Louisville an hour away.  Last time I went there was with two broken iPhones. I left with two brand new ones free of charge so I thought trying that again would be a good bet. I made my appointment for 7:30pm Monday and left right after work with laptop in tow.

When my turn finally came up, I was introduced to Will. Hi Will. This is my laptop. It won't boot. He asked all the appropriate "Have you's" and I responded with "Yes". "Didn't work?" "No." He tried all the same things again. I'm sure this is just procedure just in case people actually lie about trying something. But I wouldn't make a trip to Louisville for something as simple as "hold these buttons down and viola!" So anyway, I told him that I was concerned it was something big and hoped it wasn't. His response? "Actually, with this model, you want it to be something big. See, there was a certain problem with this model and if that's what's wrong, Apple with fix it even after the warranty has run out." Will, I love you. Apple, you too. After trying unsuccessfully for 10 minutes to get my computer to work, he decides that my computer has that "major" problem and needs to go to the Apple hospital for some surgery.

I haven't lost my faith in Apple but I'm still waiting to hear news about the problem. I believe certain parts need to be ordered and that could take a couple days and it could take a couple days to repair it. I'm praying that everything gets fixed (for free), no memory is lost, and I can pick it up on my way to Owensboro this weekend. I stand by my Apple. Best. Company. Ever. Oh, and their customer service rocks as well.

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